When All You Have Got is a Toaster Oven

I was surprised one day when my husband brought in a few friends to watch a football match one night. I know that serving just beers would be enough for them but I wanted my guests to have a pleasant stay and so I had to think fast on what snacks to serve to them besides beers.

I don't have a microwave and all I have got is my toaster oven that I bought last month with the help of toaster oven reviews. I could cook up a storm and risk my hair being burnt but I decided it wouldn't be a good idea. So, a better choice would be frozen pizza, potato wedges and roast chicken wings all into the toaster oven. It is easy as A,B,C and my hands are clean.

I prepared mayo with a little drop of lemon juice and some hot sauces to go with the wedges and wings. It works perfectly and my guests are thankful for the extra snacks. I enjoyed having my guests around but cautioned my husband to beep me when he wants to bring over friends next time.


4-Slot Egg and Muffin Toaster

My family is the real-life breathing, living Brady Bunch. My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years and we've got six kids on tow. Imagine having to prepare breakfast for all of them every morning! Luckily, my mother-in-law gave me the 4-slot egg and muffin toaster several years ago and I honestly think that it's the best toaster ever!

My breakfast preparation is made easier, better, and much faster and I just adore its 3-in-1 feature. The eggs and muffins are done in less than 5 minutes! The 4-slice toaster makes egg and muffin sandwiches in about 4 minutes, and it's also able to toast while steam-poaching eggs and warming pre-cooked meat at the same time.

Among the toaster's impressive main features include egg/toast, toast, and egg functions; hard- or soft-boil up to 8 eggs. Aside from all of that, the toaster even comes with dual control panel, bagel and defrost settings, shade control, cord storage, and 1-year warranty. It has plenty of 5-star toaster reviews too, from what I see on Amazon!